As a part of the ITW Decorating Companies, a group providing multiple product decorating solutions, ITW Transfer Graphics presents unparalleled expertise and experience in the Heat Transfer decorating technique, a unique and superior way of using heat and pressure to apply graphic designs to products.

The ITW Transfer Graphics product lines and services are today the answer to the decorating needs of a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, appliances, sports and personal care.

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     Decoration of plastics in appliances and electronics

     Heat transfers for sporting goods

     Thermally applied graphics for painted metals and ceramics

     Marking of cured and uncured rubber, such as tires, belts and hoses

     Heat transfer decals for fabrics and specialty products




All of these capabilities are united today into one single heat-transfer technology resource.

Why would you use Heat Transfer rather than another type of decorating technology?
Because Heat Transfer is cleaner, faster, more cost efficient, lends itself easily to automation, and provides a lot more graphic flexibility with a quality that cannot be matched with any other decorating process.

With thermally applied graphics you can identify and decorate a product in several colors to virtually any kind of surface or material. Even your most complex design will be reproduced with accuracy, consistency and in crisp, sharp detail.